Meritor® Downspeeding Solutions

Are you looking to improve your fleet’s operation through fuel efficiency while decreasing its negative footprint on the environment?



Downspeeding can help you decrease fuel consumption by 1-2%. Meritor has the knowledge and expertise to educate you on downspeeding applications and answer your questions.

What is Downspeeding?


Downspeeding is the trucking industry’s efficiency trend. It involves analyzing your specific application and carefully selecting drivetrain components to reduce engine rpm at cruising speeds. Lowering engine rpm increases overall vehicle efficiency and helps:

  • Improve fuel economy by 1-2%
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Downspeeding Applications

The fast axle ratio + direct drive transmission application generates higher engine torque and requires high torque-capable drivetrain components. Meritor offers components to address both downspeeding applications, offering a variety of rear axle ratios and drivelines designed to handle high torques.

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“Downspeeding Made Simple”

This 60 minute live webinar will be lead by Meritor’s chief engineer and North America’s top downspeeding expert, Bob Ostrander.

This webinar will teach you to:

  • Improve fuel efficiency by 1-2%
  • Identify appropriate applications for downspeeding
  • Recognize the importance of torque and its impact on the drivetrain
  • Select appropriate components to protect the drivetrain from torque overstress
  • Extend life of your drivetrain components

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Meritor engineers have spent hundreds of hours in the test lab learning about downspeeding and its impact on drivetrain components, to become the true industry experts. They are now ready to share their findings with you, so you can apply them to improve your fleet operation.

Meritor Downspeeding Portfolio

Meritor offers the full range of components:


MT-14X™  6×4 Tandem Rear Drive Axles

FUELite™ and FUELite+™  6×2 Tandem Rear Drive Axles

Permalube™ RPL  Drivelines

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